TRIKSLYR To Appear On The 100th Episode of Stormcast!

SC 100 Trikslyr PromoIt is our extreme pleasure to announce that our special guest for the 100th Episode of STORMCAST is none other than Heroes of the Storm Community Manager and Heroes of the Dorm Caster, Trikslyr! We have had the good pleasure to meet with Trikslyr and speak with him at various Blizzard events, and he is such a great guy. We are so very excited to have him appear on our 100th Episode!

DATE AND TIME: June 14th, 2016, 8pm PST


Our 100th Episode is a Celebration of our journey covering Heroes of the Storm and being  part of this awesome community of gamers! We have a spectacular guest, but it does not end there! We have already celebrated the 100th episode for the past five weeks by giving away T-Shirts from JINX! We also have a GRAND PRIZE to give away featuring a free pair of PPK Glass from GUNNAR OPTIKS & (2) Free T-Shirts from!

640_Heroes_of_the_Storm_-_Overwatch_--_Tracer_2016_04_06_19_35_08But wait there’s more! Blizzard has given us a bunch of FREE TRACER CODES to give away! So we will throw one of those into the Grand Prize, and we will give out a TON of those codes during the show to folks in attendance, and during Bonus Time, as well as a few extra to listeners who have sent us a tweet, facebook post or Email with the hashtag #Stormcast100!

Also, Dills, Notch and Mick will be streaming Heroes Content in the days leading up to the 100th Episode, and during those streams FREE TRACER CODES will be made available to folks who tune into the streams!

Subscribe to Notch’s Twitch Channel, Dill’s Titch Channel and Spabot Studios Twitch Channel & Follow Notch, Dills and Mick on Twitter to get up to the date information on when those streams and giveaways will take place!

We want to thank Blizzard Entertainment & The Heroes of the Storm team for working with us on such an awesome community event. We have been covering this game since before Alpha, and it has been our pleasure to work with them throughout this process. Once again, they came through for both our show and our awesome STORMCATS!

We also want to thank our Incredible Sponsors for the 100th Episodes Gunnar Optiks and! Consider checking them out! has the t-shirt, hoodie, hat, you want with the LOGO of your favorite Video Game! Use the promo code SPAZBOT at check out for 15% off your entire purchase! When you buy using our link, you support the show! 

Heroes of the Storm at J!NX

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