The Final Stormcast Is Tonight @ 8pm PST!

SC Live Record 2016v1

Stormcast records its Farewell Episode TONIGHT  @ 8pm PST to talk about that game we all know and love, Heroes of the Storm! Dills, Mick and Notch return for one FINAL EPISODE. Yep, after careful conversation and review, all three hosts felt that Stormcast just would NOT be the same. Therefore, we decided that after nearly three years of of recording episodes weekly, we are going to say our final goodbye to the Heroes of the Storm Player Community tonight!

We will take this episode as an opportunity to reflect on our time covering Heroes of the Storm, and discuss what lessons we learned and what we will take away from this incredible experience.

We will say it live tonight, but we want to also share it with you here. It has been our honor and pleasure to produce this show for you. We are all moving on to do content we are excited about, and content that we love. The bittersweet part is that we have stop doing something we all love so much. Thank you, for your incredible support. Stormcast has been an incredible success, because of all of you!

Join us LIVE in at our Twitch Channel! and be sure you follow us there, so you know when we go live! Follow us in advance so you don’t miss out. Remember, if you would like to send in a question or a comment for any of these shows you can do so number of ways! You can TWEET us on Twitter! We also have a Facebook Page, so feel free to put up a post there with your Question or Comment. You Can Also Email Us!!

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