Stormcast Records EP 58 Sunday 9/6 @ 8pm PST w/ @williedills

Stormcast Web Slider - Heroes - 2014v1

Stormcast Returns at a different time this Sunday 9/5 @ 8pm PST to talk about that game we all know and love, Heroes of the Storm! Mick and Notch are going to talk about all the latest news and rumors about Heroes of the Storm. We will the impending arrival of Rexar, Plans for the Americas Championship, Polite Trash Talk out of MVP Black, and your listener comments and feedback!

This week we are joined by a VERY special guest, Willie “Dills” Gregory. We hear he does a few podcasts!

Join us LIVE in at our Twitch Channel! and be sure you follow us there, so you know when we go live! Follow us in advance so you don’t miss out!

Remember, if you would like to send in a question or a comment for any of these shows you can do so number of ways! You can TWEET us on Twitter! We also have a Facebook Page, so feel free to put up a post there with your Question or Comment You Can Also Email Us!!

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