Medivh, Rank Play, Unranked Draft Mode June 14th!

Medivh Graphic

So, there is a LOT of things coming on June 14th! We plan on discussing a Lot of the the NEXT episode of Stormcast, which will be the 100th Episode! Read further for all the juicy goodness that is coming to the NEXUS on June 14th! This is a HUGE Patch, perhaps even bigger than the Dehaka Patch!

Here are the details STRAIGHT from Blizzard!

Medivh arrives in a Patch on June 14th! There has been a ton of anticipation around this Hero. His kit features a lot of interesting abilities as a ranged specialist. We will see how players feel about him, once he enters the Nexus!

The Ranked Play Re-Vamp will go into effect June 14th! We had a ton of discussion about Ranked Play on Episode 98 of Stormcast. Essentially this means that Pre-Season ends on June 14th and Season 1 begins on June 14th! So, if you are trying to climb the ladder, you have just 13 days to make it!

Last, and most recently announced, an UnRanked Draft Mode is happening June 14th! This has been a feature the community has been clamoring for, for a very long time! Essentially a NEW game mode that fits in between Quick Match and Ranked Play! This game mode will allow players to play with their friends without any party or level restrictions (similar to Quick Match), but it will feature a Draft and Ban System just like you would see in Ranked Play! It will also feature its own MMR!

These are all incredibly BIG changes to Heroes of the Storm! If you are excited about these changes, you should be! While none of these systems are perfect, they are reflections of the Hero Development Team’s on-going desire to respond to the feedback from the community. Are they over due? Well, yes! Outside of Medivh, it would have been nice to see the new Ranked Play and Unranked Draft mode at launch last year. However, these game modes, which people have wanted so badly are now coming to the Nexus.

Given the recent negative feedback this past week about Heroes, including calls for a re-launch of the game, this Patch provides much needed fresh game play for the Nexus! How will this affect the eSports scene? Well, Ranked Play Re-Vamp will not affect the eSports scene, but it may bring more players back into the fold who are casting and streaming. That may have a potential impact on excitement and exposure on services like Twitch. This could lead to more amateur and independent pro tournaments. However, it will take time to see that happen.

Unranked Draft Mode WILL re-energize the casual to casual-core Player Base for sure! Friends now have an ability to experience Draft Mode without restrictions! This is something I know I have been asking for since July of 2015.

What do you think about all of these changes? Let us know in the comments below or send us a tweet!

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