Making it Better, A Word From Mick

Hey Folks,

As Executive Producer for Stormcast Show, I feel it is my responsibility to apologize for a few things. We decided to make some behind the scenes changes with the Web Site, and that has caused in the immortal words of Sir Tophum Hat, “Confusion and Delay”. Our intent is and was to bring you a BETTER web experience for getting this content and this show, but it’s caused a few problems along the way.

First, we have been very behind on posting shows. We know this. In fact, as I write this there is a show in the can waiting to be posted, but we’re having issues getting that done. It is our priority to get Stormcast to a solid platform ASAP.

Second, the URL died, this was a mistake once again on our part, but the slow resolution has been confusing for some of you. Did you guys quit? Did someone die? Rest assured, the show is not over! We are still doing Stormcast, but this is a part of the overall transition that has been very rough. We apologize.

Here are a few ways you can get the show in the meantime.

Visit and subscribe to our YouTube Channel at, We are posting the live recordings from Twitch the next day after we record live!

Also, you can visit us on Twitch and join us for Live Records, and watch the highlights. Our Twitch Channel is at Follow us to know when we’re doing stuff there as well.

Sorry folks. We’re going to get there we promise. We hope you will also continue to the support the show as you have once we get to the other side.

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