Episode #84: What’s Up With Rexxar?

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Episode #84 of Stormcast: What’s Up with Rexxar? is ready for Download! The Heroes of the Storm Podcast for Noobs, Gank Masters and everyone in between is BACK with another episode covering Blizzard Entertainment’s MOBA Brawler! Welcome back everyone to another awesome Podcast episode where we talk about the game we all love, Hereos of the Storm! This episode is full of some great Heroes of the Storm discussion!

This is a episode,  Mick Montgomery, Dills, and Notch are back to talk about that ole’ Heroes of the Storm Game!

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STORM WATCH: This week we covered the top news items for Heroes of the Storm:

  • Blizzard issues a new Valentines Day Bundle!
  • Balance Changes are back… again!
  • The New Heroes January Leaderboards are up!  

LEVEL ONE: This week we discuss which heroes have advantages on the Tomb of the Spider Queen Map! What heroes do you think have advantages?

ROLE CALL: This week we  talk about Rexxar and why he is potentially the least popular Hero in Heroes of the Storm, and what needs to change to fix that problem!

We also get into some Listener Questions and Comments!

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  1. I have been listening to the show for awhile now. Being a very educated member of the community regards what is happening and knowledge of the game as a whole, it is becoming very irritating with the lack of knowledge in the hosts or co-hosts. Mick is fine, but first off, this is a heroes of the storm podcast, know the info! Thrall sees a lot of competitive play, the number of times skills were mixed up or completely wrong, unacceptable. It is very much a turn off to listening at several points in the episode because of this. Either study or just know what you’re talking about, and if you don’t, say so. I really didn’t enjoy that you have this Hots show, and 2 co-hosts, admit “yea i didn’t even touch it this week, due to me wanting to do other things” not even a “I had way to many tasks to do this week, i just didn’t get much free time” or something like that, which is understandable it happens. Just not playing then being on a show claiming to have this knowledge…unprofessional. Otherwise production as always is great, personalities great. The lack of knowledge poor, and becoming increasingly so. You all are reaching to “noobs” ( ie young or inexperienced players) and feeding them incorrect information. Will keep on listening, love the premise of the show, and you guys in general are awesome, but please correct this issue.

    • Mick Montgomery aka Snarl

      Thanks for leaving a comment with your concerns.

      A couple of things, I would like to point out at the top of the show, that both Notch and Dills indicated at the top of the show it was a slow week in Heroes for them due to the re-launch of the Overwatch Beta. Granted, it would be great if we could all log a ton of Heroes hours every week, but unfortunately MOST Blizzard Content Creators who had access to the Beta chose to focus their content last week on OverWatch.

      If there were specific talents we didn’t quote correctly, let me know so we can issue a redaction on the next show. If the issue is accurately representing his presence in competitive play, it would be good to cite the data of his picks vs matches, otherwise we are all just providing anecdotal evidence or just or simply stating our perception of his presence in competitive play.

      As for the ‘getting it wrong’, we are going to get it wrong from time to time. It is unavoidable. However, we are willing to listen when someone points out we got something factually wrong.

      As for the General Knowledge of our team, I think as a whole the experience level combined on the show is really high, even when compared one to one with other shows. Each Host on this show has been playing it since Day (1) of the Alpha in 2014. For any individual covering any game, interest grows and wanes given the point of time for that individual. However, I think the information we provide is pretty solid. If you feel we steer a new players in the wrong direction, I think we will have to agree to disagree on that point, but I’m open to understanding where we made mistakes so we can correct them. Our focus is to help a player (regardless of level of experience) have more fun playing Heroes.

  2. The resaon I think Misha fixate is so clunky is cause bizzard doesnt really want people to use it much, and to be fair you can do a tremendous amount with the basic command, when i play rexxar from time to time I hardly use it for this exact reason, you need to be constantly using it, but i can achieve similar results with a lot of toggling the d button

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