Episode #33: Pax East 2014 Round Up

Episode #33 of Stormcast: Pax East 2014 Round UP is ready for Download! The Heroes of the Storm Podcast for Noobs, Gank Masters and everyone in between is BACK with another episode covering Blizzard Entertainment’s MOBA Brawler! Welcome back everyone to another awesome Podcast episode where we talk about the game we all love, Hereos of the Storm! This episode is full of some great Heroes of the Storm discussion!

This week Mick Montgomery and Notch are joined by Balrogfan from Blizzpro and one of he co-hosts of the BlizzPro Power Hour, which you can check out Live Tuesdays @ 10pm EST!

STORM WATCH: This week we covered the top news items for Heroes of the Storm:

  • We covered all the pertinent news from Blizzard’s Heroes Presentation at PAX EAST!
  • We discuss Sylvannas, newest Hero announced!
  • Heroes of the Dorm on ESPN!
  • Beta Stats for the Top Tier Heroes for Quick Match and Heroes League from Blizzard!
  • Newest MAP announcd, Tomb of the Spider Queen
  • Heroes Team League is happening!

ROLE CALL: This week we  cover ranged Specialist from Starcraft, the Brood Mother, Zagara!

GAME ON: This week we examine the latest AWESOME Matches and Victories in the Heroes of the Storm eSports Scene!

We also get into some Listener Questions and Comments!

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