Episode #106 of Stormcast: The One With Alebeard


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Episode #106 of Stormcast: The One With Alebeard is ready for Download! The Heroes of the Storm Podcast for Noobs, Gank Masters and everyone in between is BACK with another episode covering Blizzard Entertainment’s MOBA Brawler! Welcome back everyone to another awesome Podcast episode where we talk about the game we all love, Hereos of the Storm! This episode is full of some great Heroes of the Storm discussion!

This is a episode,  Mick Montgomery, and Dills are joined by ALEBEARD, Heroes of the Storm Writer for BlizzPro, and all around good guy!

STORM WATCH: This week we covered the top news items for Heroes of the Storm:

  • Details on Auriel are incoming!
  • July 27th Balance Patch is Incoming!
  • A Sad Story that is at  Best a Cautionary Tale!

LEVEL ONE: This week we cover the streamers and YouTubers you should check out!

ROLE CALL: This week we  cover the Valla, Ranged Assassin from the World of Diablo!

We also get into some Listener Questions and Comments!

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One Comment

  1. Hi! Great podcast. I really like your content and been listening to during the last couple of weeks. Uploading to my phone and listening while go running=)

    I think in this one you took too much time talking about the incident with the crazy guy threating other people and the whole thing. I think you got dragged too far away from discussion of the game. I mean the news are terrible and it worth mentioning, but this in not what I wanted to listen to, at least for that period of time you spent on that particular topic. It really destracted me on my run=))

    Also, I wish you would give more practical advice on playing paricular heroes in the Role Call section. Like for example, I see a lot of people using strafe on a single target… Aaaand dps-wise it is less dps than AA+basic abilities so it’s basically a wasted heroic. The only reason to use strafe on single target is if you really need to finish off someone really low on HP escaping and you can’t reach them with the puncturing arrow and you have vault on CD. But then you should consider wether you really need that kill? Maybe it’s better to save your ult for the next teamfight. After 20min into the game, yes, the respawn times are so long that it may be advantageous to send them on 1 min respawn time since Strafe has not the longest CD for a heroic, but before lvl 20 I probably wouldn’t do it. All situations of course. And in general you would like to go on strafe rather earlier in the teamfight than later AND when the main stuns (i.e. possible interrupts) were just used and on CD. For someone it maybe obvious but for many average lvl players (like me in silver 4 atm) this appears to be not so.

    Other thing: people should perfectly understand that if you go for the speed boost talent on lvl 7 (hot pursuit) it speeds you up ONLY at 10 stacks of hatred and you will not be on 10 stacks most of the time, only in prolonged team fights, so for most of the time this talent will not do anything. I think you didn’t put it clear enough. Stacks are decaying rather fast. If you are super good on Valla and can keep it on 10 stacks all the time, cool, but at this point you probably do not need any advice for Valla anyway=) In all other cases I would choose other talents that are more controllable (searing for most of the time for me).

    Or this advice for noobs: do not spam your abilities during the laning phase! Do not send your hungering arrows into the minions, it’s a waste. This is all because Valla is very mana hungry and if you flush your mana down the toilet early on you will not have any mana for objective and it may be all your fault that your team lost an objective because you had to go to base for mana first.

    I think your Role Call somewhat lack more indepth details like those above. Currently I’m trying to get my hand on Karazim and I’m struggling a lot. I feel like he is unplayable in QM where I’m trying to learn before playing him in hero league. (or is it QM unplayable now?=)))) As a coincidence you had covered monk a couple of issues ago. And frankly speaking, I don’t think that coverage of Karazim helped me a lot. Besides opinion of talent tree, which is great and I had some helpful information, I still whish there would be more practical tips for playing kara outside of talent choices. Of course this is all my humble opinion, and probably I don’t understand something=)

    In all other aspects great show! Really entertaining and interesting. I really like that you invite all those people like JHow or Dreadnaught on the show. Brings a lot.

    And a little request for the Level One section. Sometimes, and more often than rarly, in massive chaotic teamfights I lose track of my hero and therefore my possitioning turns into rubbish. Mainly this happens on melee heroes, like aforementioned Karazim or so popular amt Kerrigan (btw enjoy her a looot right now and have some success with her). Any advice on how to train yourself to not lose the concentration and have the vision on everything important including my own positioning? Thanks!

    Keep up the good work!=)

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