Episode #24: Jaina Enters The Fray

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Episode #24 of Stormcast: Jaina Enters The Fray is ready for Download! The Heroes of the Storm Podcast for Noobs, Gank Masters and everyone in between is BACK with another episode covering Blizzard Entertainment’s MOBA Brawler!

STORM WATCH: This week we covered the top news items for Heroes of the Storm:

LEVEL ONE: This week we do a full re-cap of all the important changes that came in the Recent Heroes of the Storm Alpha Patch! Did your Hero get Nerfed or Buffed? We’ll talk it over!

ROLE CALL: This week we  cover the newest Hero in Heroes of the Storm, Jaina Proudmore! Notch has been doing a lot of game play with her, and he has opinions!

We also get into some Listener Questions and Comments!

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