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By now you may or MAY NOT have read this article over at Spazbot Studios main page regarding upcoming changes for Stormcast. If you have not read it, we encourage you to do that now! Just Click here!

I am stepping away as Co-Host and Executive Producer for Stormcast. This was an incredibly difficult decision for me to make, but in the end it was the right decision. For more details on why I am stepping away, you can read this post over at my personal blog.  Just know this, it is for ALL the right reasons. I am leaving to work on a tremendous opportunity. An opportunity I would NEVER have been able to do without this show and without Heroes of the Storm. That is a crazy thing to say, but it is true!

Notch is moving on as well! As you know, Notch joined Stormcast in 2014, and when he and and I did his first try-out show, I just knew that we could do something special together. Luckily I was right! Notch was able to come in and bring a passion and knowledge for the game that quite frankly, we were missing at the time. Through Notch we broadened our exposure to the Heroes Community, and together we started to grow Stormcast into Spazbot Studios MOST successful Podcast to date! Notch had NEW opportunities come his way in the past year. He is moving on to devote his time those opportunities. I wish him the VERY best as he moves on with his channel and all the projects he is working on right now.

So, where does that leave Stormcast? Is this the end? Will it shut down? Well, here is what I know. We are doing two more shows. One this week and then one the following week. The Show on August 8th, will be the last show for both myself and for Notch. Right now, Dills and I are having a discussion about the future of Stormcast moving forward. It has been a really great conversation. I threw a curve ball at Dills, but he is a true professional and good guy. We do not know the future of the show at this time, but I know one thing. Dills is one of the best and most successful Podcasters covering Blizzard Games Today! If anyone could continue on and make Stormcast Great, it would be him. However, that is a decision we have yet to make. I hope we will have a better answer for you on August 8th, 2016.

In Closing, I want to simply say THANK YOU to all of you who have supported our show either as a Listener or a Patron. We could not have done any of this without this tremendous STORMCAT community! We are so thankful for ALL of you have done for us and for this show. Thank you!

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