Everything We Know About Lost Caverns, Heroes of the Storm’s New Map

It appears that the Heroes of the Storm have heard a rumble from the Nexus. It started as a whisper, but quickly it became a roar. The Sound Defeaning and unrelenting. It was a single word and that word was… ARAM. Now the great Tinkerers behind the Nexus have an answer to this Battle Cry, and that answer can be found inside the LOST CAVERNS! Continue reading

Dehaka is the New Hero for Heroes of the Storm

   The Wait is over and Reddit was right. Dehaka has been revealed as the NEWEST Hero for Heroes of the Storm, and, Boy, is he an interesting Hero to Say the least! He is being billed as a Melee Warrior, but what truly sets this Melee Warrior apart from the other Warrior Heroes is his incredible Mobility throughout the map. Map Presence will be a big advantage for Dehaka! How about we take a look a the Kit! Continue reading

Heroes of the Storm Balance Update with Snarl’s Commentary February 10th, 2016

Hey folks, the Balance Update for this week has popped up on the ole’ Heroes of the Storm Website today! You can check them out here! Here are a few observational points, I would like to make regarding the changes. Falstad’s changes are probably welcomed by the card carrying Griffin Riders. A damage buff to the Q Ability is always nice for assassins. The Buff to Hinterlands will now make it more viable given the increased popularity of GUST in recent weeks. That said, Hinterlands is an ability that will require other players to understand the synergy around the ability. … Continue reading

Heroes of the Blog is Coming!

Howdy Stormcats, we wanted to let you know that we know a LOT of you are visiting our website Every single day, and we are so stoked about that! So, to celebrate, we are going to start putting out more stuff on this here very site! Wang Howdy Doodie! Today we are launching “Heroes of the Blog” a weekly blog series where we touch on a topic in and around Heroes of the Storm! It could be game play, it could be more avant guard, it could be our favorite skins on our favorite Heroes. We DO know it will … Continue reading

Blizzard Announces Heroes of the Storm World Championship!

There will be a LOT on the line! Over the past six months we have seen the eSports movement for Heroes of the Storm grow from grassroots weekend tournaments, to key eSports players like MLG and ESL dipping their toes into the refreshing Heroes Pool of Wonder to finally a Live Broadcast Match Up on ESPN 2 called Hereos of the Dorm. It was only a matter of time before Blizzard made the announcement regarding a TRUE professional level tournament that would function as a World Championship. We reported on Episode 41 that Mike Morhaime had announced they had something … Continue reading

Heroes of the Storm Launches June 2nd!

Heroes of the Storm is a game that you know we love, and when we find out big news was coming for the game today, we decided to speculate last night what that news would actually be! We did not guess a full LAUNCH on June 2nd. Sure, maybe OPEN Beta, maybe an official WCS, but did we think full launch? Not really. However, we do credit a few listeners in our stream for guessing a summer time launch! You were right! Heroes of the Storm Goes LIVE on June 2nd after well over a year of testing in Alpha … Continue reading

We’ve Been Nominated for Favorite Heroes Community Show of 2014!

Some days are good days. Some days are bad days. Today, is a good day. No, today is a Great Day to do a show about Blizzard Entertainment’s Heroes of the Storm! Stormcast is in the running for a 2014 Blizzard Stream Award! That’s right! We were nominated alongside other awesome shows in the category of FAVORITE HEROES OF THE STORM COMMUNITY SHOW in 2014! If you have ever wanted to click a link and vote for us, this is your CHANCE! Yes, THIS is your chance! All kidding aside, we are really humbled and honored to be featured in … Continue reading

Heroes of the Storm Beta Patch Notes February 10th, 2015

Hey we said that there were going to be some changing this week during our record of EPISODE 29 (which will be up shortly, we promise). Notch particularly called out the envenom change for Arthas! However, we were not expecting THIS! Holy Patch Notes, Holy Changes, Head Spinning! A lot of Heroes including Thrall, Tychus, Raynor, Chen and Tyrael saw some significant adjustments! Also, some notes on penalties for leaving matches are in there too! Hey we said that there were going to be some changing this week during our record of EPISODE 29 (which will be up shortly, we … Continue reading

The Lost Vikings Have Arrived!

They have arrived! We haven’t even been able to get Episode 29 up and Live, but we did call it! Lost Vikings are up and the Heroes fo the Storm Team have created this awesome little trailer for you, so check that out! Also, a Heroes of the Storm Heroes Week would not be complete without a run down Blizzard for how you should play these intrepid and directionally challenged goof balls! So, click here for their full break down! Check out our Sponsors for this show, and use the Promo Codes for REALLY awesome Deals! Use the Promo Code … Continue reading

Heroes of the Storm Introduces the Founder Pack with Closed Beta Access!

Recently a Bundle was Data Mined which prompted Blizzard’s Heroes of the Storm team to come clean about something called The Founders Pack! On the surface, it seems like a normal Starter Edition Bundle, until  you read, “Beta Access and 2,500 Gold”. That is right you can get access to the Heroes of the Storm Beta buy purchasing this item for $39.99. This has news has been met with varying responses! We will be sure to discuss it in full on our next episode of Stormcast which record on Sunday at 1/25/2014 @ 9pm PST! Continue reading