“Best Hero Ever” Contest is Back!

Heroes of the Storm 760x400

IT’S BAA-AAA-ACK! That is right! We are bringing back our #BESTHEROEVER CONTEST! That’s right Every Week you can send us a tweet, email or put a comment on our Facebook page detailing something awesome you either did or saw happen in the Nexus! It could be a simple tale like, “I used to a Medivac to drop my time and steal a boss at level 20 and win the game” or, it could be a screen cap of your STATS or maybe a gif of an awesome play!

It does not Matter! Just send it our way and you will be eligible to WIN a free JINX.com shirt of your choice with free shippig in the U.S! Jinx.com has awesome Heroes of the Storm themed gear for you! And everytime you buy from Jinx.com and use the Promo Code “SPAZBOT” You get 15% off your purchase!

So, share with us why you either saw or were the #BESTHEROEVER and you might just get some awesome gear!

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