Heroes of the Storm Balance Update with Snarl’s Commentary February 10th, 2016

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Hey folks, the Balance Update for this week has popped up on the ole’ Heroes of the Storm Website today! You can check them out here! Here are a few observational points, I would like to make regarding the changes.

Falstad’s changes are probably welcomed by the card carrying Griffin Riders. A damage buff to the Q Ability is always nice for assassins. The Buff to Hinterlands will now make it more viable given the increased popularity of GUST in recent weeks. That said, Hinterlands is an ability that will require other players to understand the synergy around the ability. Hence a GROUP stun ability like Mosh Pit or Devouring Maw where you can group and hold players while the Blast gets off is still a requirement to get the MOST out of the ability. This change just makes BLAST more forgiving to less experienced players.

Before we move ahead, I just want to point out that during Episode 83, I predicted no Wizard nerf as I felt it was too soon. I did point out that neither Jaina or Kael’Thas had received many nerfs since their introductions.

So, here are Jaina and Kael’Thas Nerfs. Jaina’s nerfs seem to simply adjust her to be an ability based assassin vs and auto attack damage assassin. The nerf to her basic and buffs to Frostbolt and Cone of Cold will make those abilities feel more powerful and thus more rewarding when you land them. Kael’ Thas is seeing basically a nerf to his over-all damage and effectiveness. His kit was very ‘balanced’ i.e. he did more than just deal damage with Gravity Lapse in his kit. The Change to Pyroblast is a bit disappointing. Sure, it does more damage, but the cool down doubled. In a Li-Ming world where she could be countered by a KT with Pyroblast, it’s a shame to see that cool down increase.

The Nova change was needed. I have always felt Nova is in a really ODD place as it relates to Hero Design. Basically she is only able to run around and snipe people. When her damage is high, this becomes a real tough issue for her opponents. Her lane clear is bad, so without the threat of high damage she becomes less viable. The last changes to her kit made her less viable for sure, so buffing Snipe helps play into her design without turning her into such a frustrating character that players will continue to champion for nerfs. Over-all, Nova will continue to struggle based on her core concept design.

Thrall Ball is not over. The changes to Thrall are minimal. He will still benefit from the previous balance changes.

The Rhegar changes… let’s face it, they had to do something. Hotslogs had Rhegar jumping 15% in win rate since the last patch. While, I love that Dog Boy was back and relevant, no Hero should see that kind of swing. These changes to Lighting Shield and Ghost Wolf will not change the playstyle of the Returning or New Rhegar enthusiast. It will simply bring him back in line a bit.

Lastly Dibbles Lord of Tickles is still the Lord of Terror. If you do not like the nerf to Fire Devil, good news, Demonic Strength is pretty neat too.

These are MY thoughts on these balance changes. What are your thoughts? I would love to hear them. Feel free to comment below or hit me up on Twitter!

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  1. I played recently with the new Nova, I guess she needs more range in the snipe ability, the shooting time when you get “Anti armor shells” talent needs to be reduced.

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