MickMontgomeryAvatar WFrameMick Montgomery, Executive Producer & Co-Host

Mick Montgomery aka “Snarl” is an avid Heroes of the Storm Player and all around fan of video games! Mick has been playing Heroes of the Storm since the very first release of the Technical Alpha (Thanks, Blizzard!). He is passionate about Heroes of the Storm and considers it a privilege to Host one of the very first Heroes of the Storm Podcasts! Mick is also the founder of Spazbot Studios, the company that produces not just Heroes of the Storm, but a ton of other awesome shows!

Mick founded Spazbot Studios in 2014 because it just had to be done. With an award wining career in content creation the time had come to take the process to the next level. Mick started off in the entertainment industry in 2001 after he moved to Los Angeles, to pursue a career in acting and writing. After working 0n projects like Yes Man and Frost Nixon, Mick began focusing on his writing and ended up producing a number of independent theater productions in Los Angeles. This experience lead him to create and co-produce The NoHo Show in 2008. The comedy web series won Best Produced Webisode at the Produced by Conference held by the Producers Guild of America in 2009. The Show eventually entered into two different distribution deals. However, the show came to a premature end in 2010 before season 2 could begin. However, the experience was a key moment for Mick as he realized that the future of entertainment was in internet content creation.  That passion for content creation eventually lead to Spazbot Studios, “The most important thing Spazbot can do is  to tell good stories well. What I love about Spazbot is that I get to work with some talented folks who are genuinely wonderful people to be around. When we say, ‘Good Stuff by Good People’, we mean it.”